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Prey (2022) Synopsis and Movie Review

The fresh concept has been successfully presented by Dan Trachtenberg for the Predator franchise. No need to watch the Predator series that has been released previously, Prey is a convincing start to sustain this Alien Hunter franchise. Set in 1719, Prey starts slowly while introducing the ins and outs of Indian tribes.

Some audiences will definitely feel bored, with the first round of this film. And Trachtenberg wants the audience to know for sure the world setting in this Prey film and of course the depth of the main character. The build up of Naru's character is really felt, he is the center of the story of the film this time.

Prey movie review

Patrick Aison, as the writer of the story, straightforwardly gives a touch of "Women Power". But it doesn't feel excessive because the portion of Naru's character is carried away with a flat and emotional expression. Amber Midthunder also had a tough task but it was successfully completed as it should be. 

The mid to late stages are the phase where the intense and tense atmosphere begins to be felt. The entry of the main Antagonist, signaling the start of the battle between Hunters vs Hunters. The touch for the Predator does not change, he is the Predator that is known to many circles. It's just that the shape of the Predator has changed slightly, the ferocious impression still surrounds the entire character of this Predator. 

What's interesting about it all is none other than, of course the differences in the weapons used. Predators armed with sophisticated weapons against the Indians armed with traditional weapons. It's a contrast but satisfying how Dan Trachtenberg explores this distinction.

The result is that the action sequences against the Predator produce a lot of extraordinary tension. It's a shame that Prey only arrived at the VOD service, this film should be very worthy of entering the cinema screen.

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